InterFirst Capital is committed to the loans it originates and prides itself on providing the most reliable and responsive loan servicing to both borrowers and lenders.  Knowledge of the local markets and the borrower’s particular loan, coupled with strong relationships with correspondent lenders, provides a significant advantage to borrowers on special requests over the life of the loan.  Many of our clients know our servicing team on a personal level.  They are able to call our Birmingham office and ask for someone by name, rather than through 800 numbers and voice recorded prompts.  If the situation warrants, they may also schedule an appointment and come in for a face-to-face meeting.

Our mission is to add value to our clients and lenders by providing exceptional customer service throughout the loan term.  A sample list of loan servicing matters we assist with is as follows:

Types of Loans Serviced

• Fixed Rate

• Adjustable Rate

• Floating Rate

• Mezzanine Loans

• Bridge Loans

Services Provided

• Payment Processing

• Escrow Processing

• Real Estate Tracking and Verification

• Insurance & Tax Tracking and Verification

• Property Inspections

• Financial Analysis

• UCC Statements

• Loan Events